Spinal cords severed and rods rammed down spines

The handbags, shoes, and other accessories sold by brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton may set consumers back thousands of pounds. But for animals, the cost is far greater: they pay with their lives.

Alligators and crocodiles are complex beings who are highly protective of their babies and use a variety of sounds – some inaudible to humans – to communicate.

But when they’re condemned to hideous farms in Africa, Asia, and the United States, these sensitive reptiles don’t have any chance to swim free, care for their young, or engage in anything else that’s natural and important to them. Instead, many will be crammed together in shallow concrete pits, languishing in fetid water for months on end.

For crocodiles, the misery ends only when workers plunge their hands into the foul water to catch the struggling animals, electroshock them, cut into their necks, and ram metal rods down their spines. Crocodilians can remain conscious for over an hour after their spinal cord has been severed and their blood vessels cut, and many are left convulsing as they slowly bleed to death – all before the workers strip the skin from their corpses.

No animal should suffer this way. Please help us protect those of all species from being abused for their skin, feathers, wool, or fur by donating to the “Save Our Skins” challenge right now.

Every pound you give before the 31 July deadline will bring us closer to our £100,000 goal and strengthen everything we do to stop suffering in the global skins trade.

Powered by kind people like you, PETA is inspiring consumers and retailers to join the compassionate fashion revolution and embrace sustainable vegan designs. Today, we’re ramping up the pressure on Prada and Louis Vuitton to prevent cruelty – and stop the spread of deadly pathogens that thrive on farms – by following French giant SMCP, British icon Mulberry, and household names like Victoria Beckham and Chanel in shedding exotic skins from future collections.

PETA’s campaigns are driving landmark change in the fashion industry and saving the skins of thousands of animals. Will you help us build on our momentum by donating today?

Thank you for extending your compassion to all animals.

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