Sponsored Bike Ride(s)

I am still trying to figure out a Sponsored Bike Ride to help increase the awareness of the plight of the Galgos here in Spain, and to raise funds to help two fund raising activities: Working on a Dream for a Forever and It Just Takes 3 by two of our Preferred Transport Partners for whom we transport Galgos to Belgium and the UK every month.

My issues? Deciding what ride to do. Finding the time. Getting fit enough. Apart from that I am all sorted!!! There is something that you can help with though in terms of the first issue: deciding what ride to do?

Currently I keep re-visiting two options.

Option 1: a ride within Spain between the two rescues 112 Carlota Galgos in Malaga and Galgos del Sol in San Javier, somewhere in the region of 450km.

Option 2: a ride from 112, via GDS to Greyhounds Rescue Belgium, somewhere in the region of 2,400km!!

Realistically I could manage Option 1 as would be a couple days 112 to Almerimar and a couple days Almerimar to GDS and would be pretty easy to sort regards a support vehicle and overnight accommodation. Option 2 I don’t think is at all realistic on my road bike in terms of both fitness and the logistics of what would be a 3 week ride! BUT ….. on one of the Harley’s, perhaps as an Iron Butt Association ride (I have done the SaddleSore 1000m in the UK and the Bun Burner 1500m in Spain) – they have a 2500km in 24 hours option! – is an option worth considering.

And ……. have started to think about the UK. Perhaps a bike ride (or Harley) between pubs owned by people that adopted Galgos (like the Blue Stops who adopted Mr Watson). This would be pretty easy to organise and base around our house in Stoke.

So ….. for now would be great to hear your views on these ideas (or any that you may have) and if you ride a bike (cycle or motorcycle) and fancy joining in then would be great to hear from you.

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