Stand with ifaw and Icelanders to ensure an end to Icelandic whaling.

IFAW has been working for more than two decades to end the killing of whales in Icelandic waters. It’s been a complex campaign. Commercial whaling ended in Iceland in 1990, but then resumed again in 2003.  Since then, more than 1,500 minke and fin whales have been needlessly slaughtered.
Much of the demand for whale meat has come from international tourists, falsely led to believe it is a typical Icelandic dish. Through their “Meet Us Don’t Eat Us” campaign, IFAW collaborates with concerned Icelandic whale watching companies, scientists, government officials, celebrities, restaurant owners, amongst others, to discourage tourist demand for whale meat.

They have created a “sea of change” and are so close to completing the largest-ever petition in Iceland, calling for a permanent end to the cruel practice of whaling. We’re just 14,000 signatures away from our goal of 150,000 signatures from around the world.

Join the largest petition campaign in Iceland and become part of this historic movement to end commercial whaling in Iceland!

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