Starved animals’ bones crushed underfoot during this rescue.

Rescuers’ Shoes Crunched on the Bones of Dead Animals at This Horrific Farm

Authorities in Iowa recently discovered large-scale death, neglect, and disease on one farm, leading to an epic two-day operation to rescue what remaining animals they could.

In the end, they relocated upwards of 140 animals. But in the process, they uncovered a property filled with the decaying corpses of other animals; too many to count.

Sign the petition to demand justice! The couple owning this farm should never be allowed to possess animals again.

It’s not hard to see how so many goats, pigs, and sheep died. Apparently the farmer had refused to provide them with any food or water.

Pigs tried to eat dirt and mud to fill their empty bellies, and other animals desperately attempted to break through buckets of frozen ice to access water for hydration.

According to one local officer: “The range of decomposition ranged from freshly deceased to nothing but bones … there were some paddocks where you weren’t stepping on ground, you were stepping on bones from prior deceased animals.”

We must keep defenseless beings safe from such cruelty and neglect! Sign the petition to demand that authorities ban this farmer and his wife from ever owning or living with animals again!

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