Starving and Sick, Pup Needs Help Now

Amal and 52 other dogs were dumped like trash by an animal hoarder in Beirut. It is a miracle she is alive. 

This sweet girl’s name means “hope,” and we see so much of it in her. Her body is weak and hurting from infections, mange and starvation. But after all she has suffered, Amal is still sweet and trusting.

Help save Amal and the dogs who have suffered with her.

This is a hard story to tell, but I know you’ll want to understand what happened, Chris.

Our partners in Beirut reached out with an urgent request for help. They rescued Amal and 52 other innocent pups after they were loaded in the back of a truck and abandoned by a hoarder.  

The dogs’ physical state is appalling. They have all been cruelly neglected; these pups have been starving and were found covered in fleas and ticks. None of them are spayed or neutered; most have mange and many have suffered from severe infections, like Amal. 

The medical needs of the dogs are just the beginning. They’ll need months of care, attention and training to overcome all they have suffered. Amal and the others are counting on your compassion, Chris. 

Our partners are doing everything they can for Amal and the other dogs, but they didn’t expect to rescue 53 dogs at once. They need your help now. 

Your gift of $35 will be rushed to Beirut to help these compassionate people build enclosures and provide veterinary care, food and comfort for these innocent pups. 

Please come through for them. There is no time to waste.

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