Stop the cruel practice of smuggling puppies into the UK

Gangs are smuggling puppies into Britain from horrendous farms across Ireland and Eastern Europe. Sold with fake documents, many puppies are maltreated and diseased, and die shortly after arriving with their new families.

Shockingly, current legislation does not combat the problem of puppy smuggling into the UK.

Take action for puppies now — urge the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to ask her to put an end to the cruel puppy smuggling trade!

Once in the UK, sellers often pose as small–time breeders and tell buyers that the puppies are bred from their own pets in their home. They may even show the animals alongside an older dog posing as the mother, and use fake pedigree certificates in order to trick buyers.

In fact, these puppies may have suffered tremendous cruelty and unsanitary conditions at a breeding farm, before being torn away from their real mothers too early, and forced on a long, traumatic journey before arriving in the UK.

Animal welfare groups are calling for licences to be required in order for breeders in the UK to sell puppies legally, with strong penalties and fines should the requirement be ignored.

Puppies smuggled into the country are often riddled with disease, raising fears of a potential UK rabies outbreak. Smuggled puppies also often show signs of emotional trauma and can be aggressive and defensive with their new families.

This is why it’s best never to buy puppies privately, and to only get pet dogs from rescue centres, which are overflowing with dogs desperate for a forever home. However, some people will always seek to buy dogs from breeders, and whilst that is the case, dog selling needs to be legislated to avoid puppy smuggling.

Please sign this petition to the Government minister in charge of animal welfare, demanding she establish official dog seller licences, to put an end to the cruel puppy smuggling trade.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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