Stray Cats Update 05/03/09

Time for another update, mainly on our current foster kids as it is getting close to the time when they will leave us, either for Germany or for new homes here in Almerimar.

I am hoping to see Jos tomorrow to find out the exact date of the next transport to Germany (we hope the 13th or 14th), and finally be told how many boxes we have on the van for our cats. Last time I heard from him about this was when he emailed all we protectoras to tell us that we could only have 2 boxes in March and April. As we weren’t able to send any cats in February, I am still hoping for a couple more this month, particularly as we have 3 cats with definite families who don’t want to wait any longer. Here’s hoping for some better news tomorrow. Charlie, Tabitha and Bonny all need to travel by van as their families are not near Munich, flights to which are our other current transport option.

Re. the Munich option I’d like to thank Roya who has kindly agreed to be a ‘flight partner’ again and take a cat box on board with her. We have one beautiful docile kitten who would be an ideal traveling companion! AND may even squeeze his little brother in too!

Other great news is that we have confirmed Bono’s new home. He is going to the first lady who showed an interest in him, a German doctor living in Switzerland. Bono in the last week has been able to lap liquids so all syringe feeding has finally stopped. He eats well, although messily and is now quite a handful. We do however remain unsure whether his mouth will ever open fully, so it is great to know he will have a good home, with someone who REALLY wants him in spite of potential problem sin the future. Well done to Martina in Germany for making this all so clear. Of the 5 interested families only 2 remained once his potential limitations were spelt out. We think we have picked the best home possible for him.

Sabine is SO keen to have him that she and her partner are flying to Malaga in 10 days to collect him. Fantastic for him and for us to know he will be loved and well cared for after all our time and effort to save him! AND when he gets to Switzerland he will have a new friend, Sabine’s beautiful 10 month old Russian Blue kitten, Desdemona. I wonder if Bono (our little rick star) is about to be given a new slightly grander name!

Of the Almerimar 5 kittens, Bonny has a home, although she is causing a few, I hope, short-term problems by coming on heat at 5 months! Little Felix missed out on a home with the sweet kitten ,who couldn’t wait for him and chose another little buddy, but the last we heard he may end up living on a farm in the country.

As for the other 3 boys I am hopeful we may actually find homes for at least 2 of them here. I am seeing a Spanish lady on Saturday who is looking for a kittens … maybe she would like 2! AND the other good news since my last update is that Bruno and Jack are FINALLY getting over their colds (after a minor relapse), thanks we think to some slightly stronger antibiotics (now that they are big enough) from our friends in Germany.

AND as beautiful Tabitha and Charlie also have homes to go to, that leaves only little Oscar, who is currently staying with me while Dawn is in the UK, and appears to be VERY much at home. Mori loves him already as a little buddy to play with, and Saidi is coming round to him, so watch this space!

AND FINALLY on the feral cat front, we completely failed to catch anyone for sterilisation on Monday (has word got around?!)but we will be trying again tomorrow morning when little Mimi cat remains our prime target.

2 thoughts on “Stray Cats Update 05/03/09

  1. Mary

    If the wind is anything like today, I think the chances of catching any cats will be low! Maybe next week…..

  2. Chris

    Hmm the other side of the wind argument is that they wont have been out hunting for food much, will be cold and hungry and may come up to you more focussed on the food?

    I think it is GREAT regards Bono, really impressed with all that has been done and cool that the Dr is coming over, that will be nice for all of you that pust so much into the little chap.

    As for Oscar, he is doing everything in his little power to stay I think ……..

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