Strays Update 08/05/09

As planned a quiet week, although we have been trying to help a very sick feral cat. So far no progress as he won’t come near enough for us to help or catch him, and yesterday was showing no interest in food. We will keep trying but I don’t hold out much hope as yet.

On the better news front, both Caesar (now Kasper) and Tommy, our current foster cats, are doing well.

Kasper’s stomach is finally in better shape, after a food free day yesterday. Now he is eating again but only dry food. Pam reports that he is a lovely boy with “not a nasty bone in his body” … SWEET! Next week when his coat is looking a little better, I hope to take some new photos and video to send to Germany.

Tommy meanwhile continues to adjust well to living inside. He is sleeping on sofas and beds and on Nicola’s knee when she is at her computer. When I visited yesterday he was talking a lot, including asking for MORE food! He does however seem to like peace and quiet and tends to retreat upstairs when the apartment gets too noisy for him. He will be a lovely cat for an older person (being around 8, so no spring chicken himself), so we continue to hope that the Germans will find him a home soon.


2 thoughts on “Strays Update 08/05/09

  1. Chris

    Look forward to seeing the photos of these two 🙂

  2. Pam Roberts

    Kaspar is a real character – has gone from ‘Monster Mog’ who chased all the other cats in Calle Alcor to a soppy pussycat who just wants to be stroked and petted and he NEVER stops talking.He desperately wants to integrate with my 3 cats but until he has had all his injections this isnt going to happen.He is another cat who is so happy to be an ‘inside’ cat with a warm bed and food at regular intervals and is a real pleasure to have in my care.He trills and purrs all the time and will make someone a wonderful affectionate cat for the rest of his life.

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