Strays Update 08/08/09

Time for a quick summary update, as I haven’t been phloging so much this week. I’ve been having a psuedo holiday, actually at home as we live in a Spanish holiday town!

Pam and I were however expecting an early start this morning to take 2 of our kittens, Luki and Mimi to the transport to Germany, but we were let off this week as our little ones got bumped in favour of cats from a rescue home, that were wanted in Germany more urgently. We are now hoping to send several boxes at the end of the month.

I was however at the vet last evening with big Tommy and little Luke. Tommy has been scratching a bit this week and has developed some small bald patches in his coat. Begona has pulled some hairs for a culture test for fungus, and in the meantime he has cream for dermatitis which Nicola reports is already working. The special light ray didn’t show up fungus and we don’t want to medicate Tommy unless really necessary because of his FIV.

Little Luke is still struggling with a slight fever so had an injection and is now on another course of antibiotics poor little chap. We have been through this before with kittens that appeared to have lower immunity, but I am confident he will be fine soon.

Meanwhile everyone else is doing well, particularly baby Felix who has become a strong, playful little fellow. Mila (now called Goldie by Jean and George), has recovered and settled well after her major problems with the anaesthetic during her sterilisation. Great news for her too is that Martina in Germany thinks she has already found her a home, immediately after I sent through her photos. More news on that one tomorrow.

So to next week which will be rather busier:

Ginger Jasper needs his final jabs, and Pam reports that he may need surgery on what looks like a broken tooth. We are also hoping to catch big Beau, our remaining cat in Calle Alcor, and take him up to Alondra’s rescue home. She is also working closely with the girls in Germany, and may become another good partner for the future.

A slightly tougher challenge is going to be the catching of siamese Keba’s rather feral kittens from Nicola’s study. They need to start their vaccinations, and the plan is then to start splitting them up and mixing them with more tame kittens. I feel a few injuries to us in the next few days, as they continue to hiss and spit! One of these little ‘darlings’ already has a home with the last of Jean & George’s tame litter so project Gizmo is urgent this week. Poor little Lutz may have a shock coming in his new prospective friend, but George assures me his bigger cats will knock this little wild thing into shape. It is going to be an interesting week.

Look out for more progress phlogs from Monday, and I will be posting great photos daily all next week of our foster cats and kittens. Enjoy!!!

3 thoughts on “Strays Update 08/08/09

  1. Dawn

    Hi Sands, my daughter Amanda is visiting and I have spent the last hour or more showing her pics of Almeriar Strays, especialy pics of Oscar and his new family.
    My daughter thinks we are all bonkers and there are fears she will have me committed and taken away (could this be for the inheritance she thinks may be forthcomming) so please, if you don’t hear from me for months you will know Amanda has had me locked up as some mad Cat Woman so please if necessary GET ME OUT OF HERE but there again ask Mary not you or Pam as I think that you or Pam will just endorse Amanda’s view we are all potty.

  2. Chris

    Busy week indeed, but at least it all seems more organised and controled these days LOL

  3. Sands Post author

    No … No … Pam and I think you are completely sane and wonderful and we need you back here, so no problem with rescue party as required!!!

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