Strays Update 16/06/09

I had a very constructive morning today. Big Tommy (our FIV positive Tomcat) had blood taken by Miguel for a plasma test. It seems that the quick test sometimes give positive results in error, so we are hoping that this more accurate one at the lab may give him a FIV negative result, which will mean he can travel to Germany this weekend. Roya is flying to Munich on Sunday, and if all goes well with his new test, AND he slims down to the required weight, then he will get the luxury of traveling with her.

Meanwhile on the kitten front, Martina already has some interest in Mausi and Mizi, featured as our cute kittens today. This would be fantastic as normally coyota is not the most popular colour in Germany. I’m going to take a video of them tomorrow to try and tempt these people more, and the other good news for them is that Jos will be able to take at least one box of kittens for me on the transport on July 10th, SO their prospective adoptees won’t have to wait too long for them. Everything crossed for them and Tommy.

Not so good this morning was that Mimi looks like she may have a problem, maybe even an infection. for now I have given her medicine in her food to make sure she has no milk remaining which may be causing the problem. For this and other reasons she does now however need catching urgently. On a positive note her and Monty went partially inside the new trap, so I am now on morning feeds and will be putting the food further in each day this week.

You will hopefully have seen the new photos from Germany of very happy Caesar, and Korky & Phoebe in their new homes. Other great news is that little Bono’s life just gets better and better. The last we heard of Bono he had settled brilliantly in his new home, had made friends with the beautiful Desdemona, and was eating well despite the remaining problem with his jaw.

Now I hear from Martina that his family has moved from an apartment to a lovely house in a village, so he and Desdemona can now play outside whenever they want, and Mum Sabine has taken him back to the vet for further discussion about correcting his congenital jaw abnormality. Bono was our little kitten that for weeks we had to feed by syringe because his mouth would not open much at all. Before he left here he could eat by himself but still very soft food or puree. We await more good news in the future.

Further on the kitten front, the litter rescued by Jean and George are doing well and pronounced gorgeous, and the rather wild siamese and 5 kittens in the marina are doing ok. We hope to bring them in over the next few weeks, once the first litter has gone to Germany.

Ok that is enough for now. We continue to make a difference, and I am hopeful that we can get a lot of kittens and cats (including Mimi and Monty) on their way over the next 2 months, not least because Kerstin is hoping to drive to Almerimar from Germany in early August to pick them up! What dedication! At least we will be able to give her some sunny Spanish hospitality as a big thank you.

2 thoughts on “Strays Update 16/06/09

  1. Chris

    Excellent update!!!

    How is Mimi this morning?

    Fingers (and paws) crossed for Tommy!!!

  2. Sands Post author

    Mimi looks slightly better after her first dose of medicine … more this afternoon. I’m hoping it IS just residual milk and nothing more serious.

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