Strays Update 22/06/09

The kittens are all doing well, and I am making progress with the cat trap. Mimi has been almost the whole way in so I am hopeful that I will be able to actually set it and catch her this week. Meanwhile in Darsena 2 our rather feral siamese continues to be a great protective mother to her brood of five, and to hiss at us. She is actually quite beautiful so I hope that we can start to help them all soon. We also have little ginger Jasper in Darsena 2 who is now very friendly and is on my re-homing list.

Also on the kitten front, the little grey female from the Nautico bunch has finally produced 3 kittens, so I have added them to the list. , and I have given her a name … Tilda.

This week I have kittens to worm, and apparently Frontline again, and blood tests to arrange. I also need to try and sort out transport to take some of them to Germany in early July. Good news is that we think we have a home for the Coyota girls, and Kerstin has interest in little Xabi and our latest little Tricolour female kitten.

2 thoughts on “Strays Update 22/06/09

  1. Pam Roberts

    I am getting closer to the Siamese in Darsena 2 and she is getting quite friendly and fussy with me – but still chases off her Ginger friend everytime I put food down for them all.She is a very protective mother and I think given time she will be ready for rehoming.She had a very bad start in life – apparently was kept in a car and very occasionally taken out for a walk on a lead and then abandoned in the marina by her owner.Obviously she is a survivor and has been around for a couple of years and looks very fit and healthy.We hope to pick up her kittens in the next few weeks and get them ready for rehoming in Germany.

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