Strays Update 29/05/09

Looking back on my plans that I posted on Monday, this has been a pretty good week so far achievement wise. The baby kittens have all been wormed, and new photos taken and both posted on this blog and sent to Germany, where they were proclaimed ‘SOooo Sweet!’. I have also taken some great new photos of Kasper … next post up.

I have collected cat boxes and water dishes, and finalised plans for the next transport, and all the final vet appointments are booked. Kasper, Harvey and Greta are all doing brilliantly and will be ready to go next Friday.

Tommy remains a slight problem as his home in Germany has fallen through, but I have established all the options for June flights and will move forward when a new home is confirmed. Meanwhile he will have his final injections on Tuesday so that he will be ready to travel when the times come.

Mimi’s kitten is getting closer and Pam has actually touched him so the plan over the next couple of days is to catch him and put him with the 4 other babies so that he has some little friends. We will then take all 5 up to Miguel next week to start their vaccinations, whilst Germany is primed to receive them on the next transport in July.

Tomorrow Pam and I have a date at 9am to worm Monty and Mimi. I tried them with some delicious mousse this afternoon which went down extremely well, so tablets will be mixed in with more tomorrow.

This morning Nicola, Erika, Dawn and I spent a virtuous hour cleaning litter trays at Gisela’s; many hands definitely make light work, as things were not so great up there. Gisela has a kind heart but is not coping brilliantly right now and needs our support. She does take on too much, but with the same kindness will never say no to any of our cats. Straight away she agreed to take Dawn’s grumpy stray female for the summer while Dawn is in the UK.

SO looking back at my list, the only thing I have not done or scheduled is a trip to the protectora with another stray for sterilisation. This task we put back to next week, and we will now take a cat up with the kittens instead.

Definitely a good week!


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  1. Chris

    Congrats, and wow, that is certainly a lot ……

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