Sweet Little Noa

03/06/13: Noa did travel to Germany on the May transport and now lives VERY happily with his new best friend Anton! The report from his Mum is great. The 2 boys have great fun playing and romping through the house, Noa is completely settled, and they now have 2 little cats to greet them when they come home from work! Noa has had a slight cold but he has been to the vet and is recovering well. He is eating very well, his coat is now beautiful an completely white, and all is very well. He is almost inseperable from Anton, also sleeping, eating and even going to the toilet with him, and if he wakes to find Anton gone, noa runs through the apartment calling for him or his parents! This is all lovely and Noa’s new family, including Anton, are very happy with this lovely little chap! Enjoy the new photos.

27/04/13: Sweet little Noa is the 4th cat that I took out of SOS Pechina last week. He is about 6 months old, VERY sweet and just wants to be friendly to everyone, cat or human. He is also very handsome with beautiful blue eyes and a cute little ‘bob’ tail. The other stressy adult cats have been giving him a bit of a hard time in my foster room, but things do seem a little more settled each day, and he is less worried about them and more playful again. He has been enjoying a little Gourmet mousse and some Dreamy cat treats today, along with his ‘friends’. All these cats really want is some love and care after weeks in the rescue centre. In Noa’s case I am very pleased to be able to write that he has a homecheck in Germany next week so this lovely little man should be settled in his forever home very quickly.

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