Switzerland lets people eat pet dogs and cats, even today

It’s Still Legal to Eat Cats and Dogs in Switzerland. Sign the Petition to Ban This Practice, Now!

Slaughtering pet cats or dogs, and smoking their meat for dinner — this is still legal in the country of Switzerland. So far, Swiss legislators have banned butchers and restaurants from selling meat harvested from the dead bodies of dogs and cats. But private residents may still harm the family pet if they choose to, and then eat its remains. There aren’t even any regulations about what manner of slaughter is permitted. Yet some people say there’s no need ban this practice by asserting that dog- or cat-meat eating is “very rare.” But that’s just not a sufficient excuse. Rare or not, it’s simply abhorrent to think about people butchering and eating our beloved companion animals! Animals’ rights must be respected, now.

The majority of Swiss residents are opposed to eating dogs and cats. But since it’s not illegal yet, that means some people can — and DO — feast on our furry family members. In fact, a Swiss newspaper recently published an article about the prevalence of cat and dog eating in the country, quoting from individuals who claim to eat these pets. One farmer actually described having a peer slaughter a dog for him, or clubbing a dog to death himself. Another insisted: “It’s nothing exceptional [to eat pets] — meat is meat.” Whether it’s ten people eating our treasured furry friends, or 100 — it’s simply too many. Sign the petition to tell lawmakers in Switzerland that they must ban people from eating dog and cat meat, now!

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