Take Action Against Greyhound Racing in Oxford

Dogs urgently need your help. Will you help prevent plans that would see dogs forced to race for the sake of entertainment?

So far, over 14,000 PETA supporters have taken action to help stop plans for greyhound racing at Oxford Stadium. To keep the pressure on Oxford City Council, we need another 6,000 supporters to speak out. Take action now and spare dogs suffering with your signature:

Take Action

Greyhounds are gentle and sociable animals who crave human companionship. Despite this, after just a few minutes on the track, the dogs are forced back into a cramped cage or kennel. Often muzzled, they will spend up to 95% of their lives there.

Puppies who don’t make the grade are often killed. As many as 12,000 pups may be killed every year.

Once they’re no longer considered fast enough for racing, thousands of greyhounds are left to languish in shelters or killed – discarded like used betting slips.

Please urge the council to support the redevelopment of Oxford Stadium without condemning dogs to a lifetime of misery


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