Tell the UK Government to Prioritise Policing of Dog Fighting!

Dog fighting has been banned for 180 years, but it still exists as a taboo “sport”.

Innocent puppies are raised in incredibly harsh conditions, and endure cruel and inhumane treatment their entire lives. Forced to fight other dogs, they are abused, drugged, and traumatized. Dogs that can no longer fight due to old age or injury are killed without hesitation.

It’s time to put an end to this awful “sport”. Please urge the UK Government to prioritise policing of dog fighting!

Dog fights are now being filmed and uploaded online for purchase—only encouraging this awful culture.

Pressure the Government to end dog fighting by:

Carrying out investigations in areas where dog fighting is known to take place.
Educating dog owners, particularly where children might be exposed to dog fighting or at risk from gangs with dogs.
Enforcing tighter regulations for dog breeding to prevent dogs from being ‘manufactured’ as a ‘commodity’.
Increasing the penalty for dog fighting and the resources available to police to enforce laws against dog fighting.
Please take action and help end cruel dog fights!

You can sign the Care2 petition

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