Tell this fashion magazine: promoting animal cruelty isn’t a good look

Recently, Elle Magazine decided they wanted to be on the right side of history. The company announced that from here on out, all of their magazines — including 45 global editions — would be “fur free!” Halting the promotion and glamorization of fur is just as critical as stopping murderous fur production itself, and we applaud them. But other fashion magazines, like Vogue, have been hesitant to take the same stance, leaving fur on their covers, editorials, and advertisements — and blood on their hands.

Animals raised for fur, like mink, foxes, and chinchillas, lead dark, tortured lives. They are born on fur farms where all they will ever know is a dark, filthy, cramped cage. Until they are harvested for their skins and coats, these creatures are neglected beyond belief, denied proper care, nutrition, and outlets to express their natural behaviors. And when they are killed, it’s just gruesome — in order to maintain their hides so they can be sold for a pretty profit, animals are often gassed, or even electrocuted with implements that are placed in their mouths or anuses.

There is a strong precedent for Vogue speaking out against injustice and taking a stand to uplift the voices of the marginalized and disenfranchised. Teen Vogue has been a key voice of progressive politics in the past few years.  Now, Vogue must continue on with the trend and ban the promotion of fur in all of their magazines. Sign now to demand that Vogue stand with animals around the world and ban fur from their publications!

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