Tens of millions of animals are farmed and brutally killed for their fur every year

Tens of millions of animals are kept confined in tiny wire cages and brutally killed when they are less than a year old, all for the sake of a frivolous fur trim that no-one needs.

Animals are suffering on fur farms across the world right now. Our investigations show the ongoing cycle of misery as more babies are born into the bleak world for fur farming overseas every year.

Fur farming was banned in the UK twenty years ago because it is so cruel, yet we still import millions of pounds worth of fur into our country each year. If it is too cruel to farm here, then it is surely too cruel to sell here.

We want to see a ban on fur imports and sales in the UK. Our government has said it is looking at this issue, and we need to make sure it hears our message loud and clear: sign our petition to the government today.   

Please help us end this terrible double-standard. Let’s close our borders to fur from cruel fur farms overseas by extending our current UK bans on cat, dog and seal fur to include fur from all species.  

Support our campaign for a #FurFreeBritain, sign the petition today!

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