Tethered dogs are vulnerable to heat, cold, and even attacks from animals and people

Demand Legislators Make Dog Tethering Illegal in North Carolina!

It is no secret that tethering dogs is extremely dangerous. But an adorably-named bill in North Carolina seeks to make practice illegal, and we must support local efforts to ensure the bill gets a vote and is passed in the state legislature! As summer temperatures are heating up, it’s essential that we protect our beloved furry friends from the dangers of prolonged heat exposure outdoors. Sign now to demand the North Carolina Legislature pass the Fiona Mae Wagglebottom’s Act and ban tethering in the state!

Tethering dogs leaves them vulnerable to all sorts of dangers and harms. Tethered dogs are at higher risk for suffering during extreme weather events like heat waves or cold snaps, becoming dehydrated and hungry, and it restricts their movement, leaving them prone to attacks from other animals or even people. In some awful scenarios, tethered dogs have even gotten tangled to the point of physically injuring themselves while trying to escape their restriction. The bottom line is that tethering is deeply unnatural, and we should support all legislative attempts to protect our pup friends from the risks of the practice.

Sign the petition now to demand that this bill get a vote, and that lawmakers pass it before any more poor pups suffer in the summer heat in North Carolina!

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