The Almerimar 5

Beautiful Bonny

¨The Almerimar 5¨ is how I am referring to the litter I rescued last week. Bonny is the only little girl but she has 2 big healthy brothers (Bruno and Jack) and 2 slightly smaller but very sweet brothers (Felix and Jasper)

Jasper, pictured below, is sporting a rather large plaster, as when I picked him up he was limping and holding up one paw. Begona confirmed a broken leg, and although she believed it was already healing, we decided the plaster was a good idea to protect it and allow him to move around more confidently. He is managing well and will wear it for another week yet.

Jasper & His Rather Large Plaster

Little Felix is the smallest of the kittens but is now eating well. He had the worst cold, and quite a lot of inflammation, which may have been affecting his eating. Tracy is still a little concerned about his chest, as they have just finished their course of antibiotics and he is still struggling a bit. Begona will check him over tomorrow evening when we hope to chip them and start their tests, vaccinations etc. in preparation for sending them to Germany for re-homing.

Sweet Little Felix

The big boys are Bruno and Jack who seem very robust and energetic.

Big Bruno

Pirate Jack (sparrow)

Three of the Brothers

I have already sent photos of them all to Germany, where they are considered SOooo sweet. I am confident that these little ones will have no trouble finding good homes fast, and in the meantime Tracy is looking after them brilliantly. What we do need in the next month are more foster homes urgently, as they are growing fast and 5 is too many for one household!

8 thoughts on “The Almerimar 5

  1. Chris

    They look very cute, and happy!!! Can’t see the German girls having a problem with these, as they certainly look playful!

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