The Asian wild dogs facing a deadly future

Habitat loss. Vanishing prey. Deadly disease. Lethal snares.

All around the world, our planet’s species are facing a plethora of threats.

Dholes – Asia’s elusive wild dogs – are no exception.

These rare canines occupy the dense forests, scrub and steppes of eastern and southern Asia, and there are thought to be as few as 950 breeding individuals left in the wild.

They are surprisingly small – just 15kg on average – and they can be rather secretive, although their ghostly whistling call, used by packs to communicate, often gives away their presence. 

Like their African counterpartsdholes are loyal pack animals. They live in sociable packs of around 10 members, and reports have even indicated that these groups can grow to as large as 40 individuals.

There is still much to learn about this secretive species, but we do know that their social habits don’t stop there – dholes are rather playful and display high levels of friendly behaviour. Also, unlike wolves, they let their pups eat before other pack members.

But in Cambodia, a key stronghold of the dhole, over 10% of the forest has been lost in just 15 years. And as the forest disappears, so does the prey that dwells within.  

Dholes are being squeezed into smaller and smaller spaces with fewer and fewer prey options – fading into tiny, fragmented populations.

And then there’s the snares.

These gruesome contraptions are an ever-present threat, proficient at trapping anything larger than a mouse, and they’re proving deadly for the dhole.

Once caught, the unfortunate victim – after a long, painful and fruitless struggle – will most likely perish.

If we don’t act now, this fate could await far too many of these creatures.

This is where FFI comes in. Through your donations, we can support our dedicated community wardens in Cambodia who are working hard to remove these lethal, looming threats, and give the dwindling dhole population a real chance at recovery.

Dholes are the last species in their genus, and it would be heartbreaking if we lost them. So please, donate today and help give these dogs the protection they deserve.


Please help us protect Asia’s elusive wild dogs. Every single penny you donate will go towards supporting the dedicated wardens working to keep the forest snare-free. Thank you.


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