The governor of Montana murdered a mountain lion in the most brutal way

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte Forced Dogs to Chase a Terrified Mountain Lion Into a Tree, Then Shot It Dead

For Greg Gianforte, murdering innocent wild animals is a beloved pastime. Just last year, the Montana Governor killed a wolf in Yellowstone National Park — on top of that, he did it illegally, without the proper certification. Then, only a few months later, Gianforte shot a mountain lion that he had chased into a tree by trained hounds.

The poor lion was known by local biologists by its GPS tracking collar — a strategy often used by conservationists to track and research the rare species. Not only is this a huge blow ecologically; killing the mountain lion in this way was exceptionally cruel — it died in a terrified state high off the ground, surrounded by barking, growling hounds who were forced to do Gianforte’s dirty work.

Yet everything Gianforte did to the mountain lion is technically legal in the state, perfectly demonstrating the brutality of the law. Clearly, these policies are crafted to protect not the state’s wildlife, but very specific people: the rich and powerful who have the time, money, and resources to galavant around public lands shooting animals at will. Sign the petition now to put pressure on the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission to stand up for mountain lions and make hunting and killing them illegal!

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