The park starved a dolphin until it lost 100+ pounds

Animals should not be used for the entertainment of humans in any circumstances, really is that simple!

The Miami Seaquarium Starved Dolphins, Just to Force Them to Entertain Humans

A shocking new report confirms many activists’ worst suspicions: animal abuse and cruelty have run rampant at the Miami Seaquarium. According to the report, many of the facility’s dolphins were chronically underfed and deprived of food in an effort to ensure they would perform for guests.

The situation was so dire that the zoo cut nine dolphins’ daily food rations by a whopping 60%, and one dolphin lost more than 100 pounds. These intelligent, social animals should not even be in tanks to begin with, and the fact that they were forced to endure additional cruelty is terrifying.

The Miami Seaquarium has proven that it does not care about animals. It must send its captive animals to sanctuaries now. Sign now to demand that the U.S. Department of Agriculture protect dolphins by shutting down the Miami Seaquarium for good!

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