The poison is called “two-step” because rats take two steps and die. IT’S ALSO KILLING DOGS!

There are around 10,000 dogs living in the area around Durban Deep, a once thriving gold mine that supported a suburb of Johannesburg, complete with manicured gardens and a golf course. Today, it is a wasteland, taken over by armed criminals who have made it a center of illegal gold mining operations.

Even though it’s an extremely dangerous area, when we received a call for help from CLAW, the one small organization that dares to work in this truly dangerous place, we responded immediately, despite the corona pandemic.

What we found was horrifying. There were SO many victims of torture, neglect, starvation, abuse, and poisoning.

CLAW’s mission is to care for the sickest animals – the worst of thousands of cases at its small private clinic.

Miss Wobbly, along with others like Abby, and many more rescued by CLAW, are proof that where there’s life, there’s hope.

Rats infest the area. The solution people find is to lace the area with a deadly substance called Aldicarb. Aldicarb is also known as ‘two-step’ – it’s called that because once ingested, rats take two steps and then die…

Often street dogs will eat a poisoned rat or the poison itself. Around 97 percent of them die.

What happens is that the animal’s nervous system shuts down. It is paralyzed, and then suffocates to death.

Miss Wobbly survived because of the quick response from CLAW on the ground but sadly she was left with nerve damage. Miss Wobbly is now partially paralyzed but that hasn’t stopped her from forming affectionate relationships with everyone she meets – in short, her capacity to love remains unchanged. She’s funny and very smart.

With your help, we can help CLAW through this corona crisis, and save more lives – please consider donating to help us secure the safety and wellbeing of more animals.

Let us tell you about “Scabby” Abby…

Poor Abby is an amazingly brave girl. We don’t know how long she had managed to survive before we found her but it must have been a very long time because she was so desperately ill and almost completely covered in mange – a serious and painful skin disease caused by microscopic mites.

Dogs like Abby eventually succumb to the elements and die tragic and lonely deaths. But this pooch was given a second chance at life.

Despite all she had been through, she didn’t stop wagging her tail and licking everyone. From the get-go, Abby showed a remarkable will to live.

Abby is one of many dogs up for adoption. She has a bigger purpose in life – to rescue a special human and give them all the love and healing they need.

Please donate to help Miss Wobbly and Abby get the medicines and care they need. When CLAW told us it was running out of funds because of the COVID-19 crisis, we immediately sent our team out to see how we could help. NFA saw first-hand how great the need is and how truly dire the situation is. Please, if you possibly can, donate generously today – the dogs will thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

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