The suffering these dogs and puppies must have done through is gut-wrenching

In a Georgia Home, 28 Puppies and Dogs Were Found Hairless, Bleeding, and So Hungry That They Were Eating Each Other Alive

Nothing could have prepared officers for what they would find when they stepped through the threshold of a home in Nicholls, Georgia recently. Inside, seven dogs and 21 puppies, some just days old, were found in what can only be described as conditions straight out of a nightmare or horror film. 

They were sick, hungry, and covered in fleas. So covered that some of the dogs were hairless and bleeding. So hungry that the adults had literally started to eat the puppies. There were also bodies of dogs that had already died — a source described some of them as “dismembered.” The surviving dogs and puppies were rushed to a vet, but tragically none of them could recover from the violent abuse and neglect they had gone through — all 28 of them had to be euthanized.

The woman responsible is being charged with eight counts of animal cruelty, but even if she is found guilty, she could only be sentenced to prison time and monetary fines – neither of which is truly able to protect other animals once she has served her time. That’s why we need to urge the prosecutors in this case to recommend, as part of her sentencing, a lifetime ban on animal ownership — we owe it to the innocent, defenseless animals of Georgia. Sign the petition to keep future animals safe from this person!

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