The Week Ahead – Cats Only Please!

The last week has been another slightly quieter one for Almerimar Strays, for me intentionally because my mother has been here for a holiday. The week to come however already looks a little busier.

On my list is: worming the baby kittens at Nicola’s, liaising with Germany and Jos re. the transport now planned for June 5th, picking up cat boxes that have come back from Germany, a possible trip up to the Protectora (dog rescue) with another cat for sterilisation, sorting getting Tommy to Germany asap, catching Mimi’s kittens, new photos and video of Kasper, worming Mimi & Monty AND Harvey & Greta, updating foster cat and accounting records and maybe helping Gisela (cat rescue) for a morning as Dawn has a stray cat that might need a home for the summer. Enough I say and I know Chris will agree with me.

On that note, I have to repeat something that I have posted about before. Whilst I am happy for anyone to use this blog to help promote dog rescue stories, that is as far as I can go myself. I do not have the time (alongside the rest of my life) to do any more than I currently do, and have definitely decided that my focus and contacts right now are about helping cats.

Dog rescuing is actually pretty straightforward; Jos runs a fantastic protectora which any number of people in Almerimar know about, and all that is actually required is for someone to drive an abandoned dog or puppy up there and, if possible, make a small donation. Jos and his team will then do the rest, including where possible finding a new home. I did rescue one dog (now called Sandra), because I personally, with Pam, came across it abandoned at a petrol station. We caught it, took it to Jos, and gave him donation. It was that simple.

All I’m really saying here is will other people who find abandoned or distressed dogs please do the same. Before anyone picks up the phone and asks if anyone else can rescue an animal for them, I think they should ask themselves what that person can really do that they can’t themselves? If the answer is nothing, then they really need to question why they aren’t just getting on with it.

If anyone out there would like to be a central point for rescuing dogs, and has the time to get more involved, then that is fantastic, but I’m afraid I don’t. I’m sticking to cats. More doers are required! Enough said!!!

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