There’s still time to help mis-sold kittens

When Cookie arrived at our centre, he was so tiny he could fit in the palm of my hand.

As you may remember from my last email, he’d been taken away from his mother when he was just four weeks old. Missing out on vital nutrients from his mother’s milk, he’d grown dangerously weak and ill. We didn’t know whether he’d survive.

Thanks to intensive, round-the-clock care – made possible by kind supporters like you, he did. But many more kittens still need our help, and yours. 

Kitten mis-selling is a growing problem. Thousands of kittens are being cruelly taken from their mothers before they’re old enough to survive without constant care. Taken too young by unscrupulous sellers looking to make a quick profit. To keep them alive and help them grow up fit and healthy — we urgently need the support of cat lovers like you.

Your generosity today could help buy life-saving antibiotics, nutritious food or cosy cat beds for vulnerable kittens like Cookie. And it could help us give the round-the-clock care needed to save mis-sold kittens.

So please, if you can, send a gift today.


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