These 15,000 sheep died a panicked, watery death

Struggling to stay afloat, they had no chance. Locked inside a ship that had overturned, their thick coats became waterlogged as the water crashed in from all sides. As they slowly drowned, they screamed for help, their legs dangling from their now-toppled enclosures. This was the fate that recently befell nearly 15,000 sheep, en route from Romania to Saudia Arabia. Their original end destination: the slaughterhouse.

While not all of the sheep drowned, the story doesn’t get happier. Rescue crews managed to “save” 32 of the animals, or approximately 0.002% of the herd — only to send them straight to slaughter anyway. Other countries and regions are banning these types of exports due to the extreme inhumanity of it all. Australia briefly banned live animal exports to the Middle East after a video that showed sheep dying agonizing deaths due to extreme heat aboard ships. It’s time for the European Union to step up to the plate. There is only one way to ensure no more animals meet such grim, terror-filled deaths. Sign the petition and tell the EU to do the right thing and ban all live animal exports to non-EU countries!

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