These animals’ skins are torn off their bodies to make jewelry and cures

Pangolins may look like reptiles or anteaters, but they’re actually more like Medieval Mammals, covered in armor-like skin that’s made up of individual scales. These big-eyed creatures are extremely shy as well as increasingly rare and critically endangered — especially now that they’re being hunted, poached, and dismembered into extinction. Pangolins’ scales are in high demand, prized for jewelry and traditional medicines — and therefore torn from their bodies as part of an ongoing species-wide massacre.

Around 50% of massive busts in illegal pangolin scale trading are connected to a single high-profile network of international criminals who operate, among other places, in Nigeria. Luckily, Nigeria authorities have been fast to act, investigating and arresting members of the group. This summer, the Nigerian Customs Service seized one of its largest and saddest hauls yet from three high-ranking traffickers: 196 huge bags of dead pangolin parts, including more than 7,000 kg of pangolin scales and 4 kg of their claws. Now that these individuals have been caught, it’s time for Nigerian officials to bring this blood-stained network down. Sign the petition to thank the Nigerian government for their work to save pangolins’ lives, and urge them to continue investigating this illegal trafficking network until it is shut down for good!

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