These animals were just about to be saved, but then their abuser kidnapped them

Roadside zoos are horrible places that, by definition, are abusive to and exploitative of wild animals. Stolen from their wild homes, they are stuffed into small enclosures and forced to perform, submit, and breed — whatever will make their captors the most money. One such horrible roadside zoo was the deceptively-named “Wildlife in Need” facility for tigers in Charlestown, Indiana. It’s owner Tim Stark kept upwards of 180 wild animals locked on the grounds and quickly gained notoriety among animal rights organizations for his brutality — stories of brutal slaughter, medical neglect swirled around his facility for the 20 years it was shockingly allowed to operate.

During one particularly horrific incident at the zoo, Stark packed an unventilated enclosure so tightly with scared, panicking animals that 30 of them tragically died. That’s why it was so exciting when the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) revoked Stark’s license to operate the facility. But when authorities arrived to remove Stark’s animals and rehome them more suitably, 23 animals were mysteriously missing. If Tim Stark’s history of violence tells us anything, it’s that time is of the essence if these animals’ lives are to be saved. Demand that Indiana officials charge Tim Stark for the “disappearance” of 23 exotic wild animals and continue to investigate until they uncover the truth!

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