These cute little animals are all over TikTok, but about to go extinct

These cute little animals are all over TikTok, but about to go extinct. There Are Other No Species on Earth Quite Like the Axolotl. We Must Save Them From Extinction!

Found only in Mexico City, axolotls are fascinating little creatures… and they face increasing threats from pollution and habitat loss due to urbanization and climate change. Listed as a critically endangered wild species, the axolotl also carries traits that are a scientific surprise — like being able to regenerate entire portions of their bodies, including their internal organs and parts of their own brains. Despite the fact that these little smiling amphibians seem to have incredible “superpowers,” they are continuing to disappear fast, with fewer than 1,500 left in the wild.

More of these endangered salamanders now live in scientific laboratories or in people’s homes around the globe as funny pets than in the swampy lakes and canals that are their natural habitat. Luckily, conservationists in Mexico are undertaking efforts to try and resuscitate the axolotl population, including by installing filters to reduce contaminants in canals where these animals live. But more governmental help is needed, and it must come fast. Sign now to tell the Mexican government that it must step up now to protect the beloved, curious axolotl before it is too late!

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