These dogs need shelter and protection

For thousands of dogs living on the streets of Mexico, life is harsh and unforgiving. Torrential tropical storms, scorching heat, speeding cars, inadequate care and even preying jaguars are just a few of the many threats these vulnerable dogs face.
In Playa del Carmen and within the area of Quintana Roo, jaguars have suffered habitat loss resulting in a decline in their natural food sources. They are forced to venture into villages in search of food. The consequences for local dogs like Pantera and her daughter are devastating: A jaguar preyed upon them on a day they were without shelter. And while Pantera survived the brutal attack, her daughter did not.
Your generous gift today could be the difference between animals living in safety or living in fear and desperation. We need you to help us meet our goal of £60,000 by midnight 31st August to provide immediate care and shelter for dogs in Mexico and for animals around the world.

The tragic reality is that not every dog lives safely indoors or has a family with the resources or knowledge to properly care for her. And while most people in Playa del Carmen and the surrounding communities love their dogs dearly, many are unable to do what’s best for them, especially now that the coronavirus pandemic has put even more strain on already struggling families.
To solve this problem, IFAW started “Casitas Azules” (Little Blue Houses), a project which provides vital shelter for dogs while also helping jaguars.
In partnership with Coco’s Animal Welfare Clinic, the Casitas Azules project provides urgently-needed shelter and lifesaving veterinary care to the dogs of Playa del Carmen and other areas in Quintana Roo. While being especially critical for dogs that run the risk of becoming prey for jaguars, it also serves to protect the jaguars themselves, so they are not targeted due to retaliation following animal attacks.

Your gift could give these dogs and other vulnerable animals the opportunity to thrive. £30 is enough to build and deliver a doghouse that provides them with desperately needed shelter.
It is heartbreaking that so many animals are at risk and the threats keep growing. A caring supporter like you could make the difference between life and death for dogs in the Playa, and provide the protection and resources that animals around the world need to survive.

Please, make your gift right now and help us meet our goal of £60,000—that could mean safety for thousands of animals and their healthy coexistence with the communities around them.

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