These hunters are using a loophole to illegally kill foxes

A leading huntsman in the United Kingdom was fined after a video of him encouraging fellow hunters to illegally kill foxes surfaced. This fine is important, but not enough – the horrific slaughter of foxes will continue if trail hunting is not abolished altogether. Sign now to demand that the UK Parliament act to prevent the death of innocent animals and abolish trail hunting!

After the Hunting Act of 2004 banned hunting a fox with hounds because of its grotesque animal cruelty, hunters in the United Kingdom started using more insidious methods to kill innocent animals. “Trail hunting” is only supposed to simulate a real hunt, but has been repeatedly shown to be a smokescreen for actual hunting to continue. When hunters “trail hunt” and slaughter animals in the process, they are able to claim ignorance and that the death of the animal was an accident. Even innocent pets like kittens have been killed in this process.

Sign now to tell members of the UK Parliament that these animals matter, and their deaths are unacceptable! We must abolish trail hunting altogether!

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