These innocent creatures are suffering for human entertainment

Never enjoyed seeing this as a regular visitor to New York, and seem to signing the petition every year so it really is time it stopped.

It’s Time for Mayor Eric Adams to Step up and Ban Horse Drawn Carriages in New York City

With summer approaching and greenhouse gas emissions climbing, scientists are guessing this will be another incredibly hot season. These temperatures have consequences for all of us, but we often overlook some of the animals who suffer the most from extreme heat: horses forced to pull carriages on hot asphalt and concrete in cities like New York. Animal rights activists say this life of captivity and labor “is fundamentally abusive.”

Sign now to demand Mayor Eric Adams immediately ban horse drawn carriage rides in New York City!

A few years ago, a horse in Central Park tragically collapsed from exhaustion and was euthanized shortly after, unable to recover. In the past, Eric Adams has voiced opposition to the horrific practice. Now, Mayor Adams has the chance to show that he’s not all talk, and that he’s willing to actually implement change to rescue these poor creatures from a life of unnecessary labor. Adams must act now before temperatures become excruciatingly hot during the summer months. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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