These neglected horses were found with their bones visible and poking through their skin

Tougher Laws, tougher punishments, and tougher enforcement is required.

Horse Owners Were Charged With Roughly 300 Counts of Animal Abuse, But They Can Still Legally Own Animals in the Future!

In West Deer Township, Pennsylvania, a humane rescue officer was appalled to find over 40 horses suffering from extremely inhumane conditions. When help arrived on the scene after a tip from a local resident, they saw that the horses did not have access to food or water, their bones visible and poking through their skin. Not only were they nearly starving, the animals were also standing in two feet of their own feces.

Sign the petition now to demand that these owners are never allowed to own animals again!

Like so many states in the country, the laws in Pennsylvania do not prevent perpetrators of violence against animals — or those who neglect their pets — from owning animals again in their lifetime. An ownership ban can only be a matter of years. How are we supposed to protect animals from abuse if we continue to allow people with histories of violence to own them again in a few short years? Sign the petition now to tell the West Deer Township Police Department to recommend that as part of their sentence, these abusers never own animals again!

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