These pet animals had to lay in their feces, every single day

People Locked Gentle Ponies in Stables That Were So Short, They Were Forced to Lay in Their Own Excrement

Authorities in the UK recently discovered multiple sweet ponies “imprisoned” in a situation that was so bad, rescuers had to literally break down walls and wade through poop to free the animals. Nine animals had been locked into stables that were so small and with ceilings so low, they couldn’t stand up. Instead, they were forced to simply lay in their own filth and feces… every single day. At least one pony’s back actually stuck up through a hole in the ramshackle roof. By the time officials arrived, the small horses had sores on their bodies, matted fur, and hooves that were so overgrown, they looked like extremely overdone clog shoes.

Rescuers said the couple had failed with “every basic aspect” of caring for the animals’ welfare. In fact, investigators believed the nine ponies may have never even been allowed to leave their dwellings during their whole lives. British authorities have since banned the couple from owning animals ever again. But this should never have been allowed to get this far in the first place. British animal welfare and protection services must undertake a more intensive public education campaign to teach humans how to treat their outdoor animals, including horses and ponies. Sign the petition to help protect future animals!

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