These rhinos are already gone in every other country

The Sumatran rhino is hanging on by a thread. In 2019, when Malaysia’s last two captive Sumatran rhinos died, Indonesia became the only place left in the entire world where these rhinos call home. Now, fewer than 80 of these incredible beasts remain alive, and if we don’t act fast, those last 80 will go the way of Malaysia’s rhinos — they’ll disappear forever. That’s why we’re calling on the Indonesian government to do everything it can to save them.

Rhinos have an extremely low birth rate. This already made their survival difficult, but in the face of human construction, habitat destruction, and poaching, it’s become almost impossible. But with help from experts, we can save them. When conservationists intervened to save another endangered species, the Javan rhino, their population rebounded. If we do the right thing, we could be celebrating the same success for the Sumatran rhino in a few years, but we don’t have a minute to lose. Sign the petition to tell the Indonesian government to prioritize saving the Sumatran rhino from extinction and re-introducing them to the wild throughout their historic habitat.

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