These turkeys are suffering unspeakable violence so people can have their Thanksgiving feasts

For Thanksgiving this week, millions of Americans are headed to the store to buy turkeys for their holiday feasts. A lot of them may be unknowingly buying from a supplier that promotes the violent abuse of innocent turkeys: Plainville Farms. We already know that many turkey farms rely on conditions that are unsafe and unhealthy for turkeys, but recent undercover footage shows something even more horrific.

Workers beating, kicking, and stamping turkeys at Plainville Farms suppliers. Employees grabbing turkeys by the head and neck, using their fragile body parts to fling them through the air. At one point, a worker holds a defenseless turkey between their legs and mimicks masturbation. These are just a few examples of the degrading, terrifying violence that turkeys go through at Plainville Farms.

In response to the videos, Whole Foods has dropped Plainville Farms as a supplier and removed all of their products from their shelves, an important step toward setting a higher standard for all meat suppliers. Now, other major grocers should follow suit and take a stand against the painful abuse of innocent animals. Sign the petition asking that Publix, Wegmans, and Harris Teeter also cut ties with Plainville Farms, and stop giving profits to such a violent abuser!

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