They broke this monkey’s arm, forcing it to undergo an experiment

Bone fractures, chemical overdoses, death, euthanasia — all these tragedies and more have befallen the poor animals imprisoned and experimented upon at the sprawling Altasciences Co. animal research facility just north of Seattle, Washington. Monkeys and pigs held against their will there have endured horrible conditions, including bone breakingly-rough treatment by staff as well as veterinarian neglect, often leading to death. So far, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has discovered four “critical violations” at the corporation’s 29-acre facilities, but animal rights experts suspect there’s even more we don’t know yet.

In one known case, a staff member attempted to force a monkey to endure yet another procedure, but the desperate, terrified creature resisted. So the staff member restrained the monkey harder, until they broke the monkey’s arm. For one injured pig, staff didn’t even notice, diagnose, or treat its fracture for 15 days, leaving the animal in pain for upwards of two weeks. All this pain and suffering was entirely preventable and needless. But Altasciences clearly treats its captive animals as disposable things without feelings or needs. This firm cannot be trusted with the lives and wellbeing of any more animals in the future. Sign the petition to demand the USDA step in and end the mistreatment of animals at Altasciences labs!

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