They distend these animals’ internal organs, causing immense pain

Really struggle to understand how anyone can think this is right!

Foie Gras Is Practically Legal Again in California. This Means More Animals Will Be Tortured!

Foie gras is inherently cruel. It’s a food “delicacy” that is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese until farmers have painfully and unnaturally engorged the poor animals’ livers. That’s why, starting in 2012, California lawmakers banned the sale of foie gras in the state. But some are determined to put taste buds and profits before the wellbeing of animals — and they’ve spent 10 years fighting the ban. Now, federal judges have overturned part of the law. This will put countless animals in harm’s way — so we need a federal ban now.

The courts decided that consumers can now buy foie gras in California, after all, but only if they buy it from another state. This practically negates the ban, since one of the country’s major producers of foie gras is located outside of California, in New York’s Hudson Valley region. In fact, this producer was one of the main companies suing California over its foie gras sale ban. So far, luckily only home consumers will be able to buy the engorged livers of trapped animals, not restaurants or shops. But foie gras devotees will continue to fight back, so we need to take nationwide action now to protect innocent geese and ducks from horrific misery and pain. Federal lawmakers need to recognize that animal suffering is never acceptable — especially if it’s just to produce a meal. Sign the petition to ask Congress to ban foie gras now!

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