They killed his dog – then threatened to kill his family

A man in Kerala, India recently went looking for his beloved pet dog Bruno — only to discover he had been brutally beaten, murdered, and disposed of that day. Bruno had been a family pet for eight years, since he was a puppy. Those who knew him said he was sweet, friendly, and loyal. But when two men and a youth in the community found Bruno sleeping near their small fishing boat, they decided it was time to torture this innocent animal. Local police say they held resentments towards Bruno’s human father, Christhurajan. Rather than taking the responsible route of simply talking it out, they jumped when they saw a chance to break Bruno’s body — and his family’s hearts.

Only read on if you’re prepared to learn what these three individuals did to Bruno the dog.

First, the men — identified as Sunil and Sylvester — and the boy grabbed a fishing hook and tied Bruno up. Then they beat Bruno over and over with bats until he died. When they were done, they simply threw his dead, beaten body out into the sea. The entire incident was caught on video, and police in the area are now involved. While the three suspects have been arrested, it’s not clear if they will truly be held accountable. And if they are not, that would be particularly frightening becaused the accused perpetrators apparently threatened Christhurajan that they would come after the rest of his family and kill them all if he sought justice from the authorities. Officials in Kerala must take this murder and threats of additional potential murders seriously. Sign the petition to show the world is watching!

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