They picked up the dog and threw it into the icy water below

It’s still winter in the United States, but we’re all dreaming of days when we can finally enjoy the outdoors. Walking in the warm sun, exploring forests bustling once again with life, and diving into natural water sources like lakes and rivers to cool off. But those waters are still icy these days, which made it all the more horrifying when a Montana woman recently shared a video on Facebook that showed two people standing on a bridge over a river throwing a dog to its watery grave.

The video is only 4 seconds long, which makes it very hard to understand all of the details. But the main takeaway is clear — two people threw a dog’s body dozens of feet into a freezing river. If the poor dog was alive at the time, it fell helpless and terrified to a painful death. If the animal had passed away before it was hurled so cruelly, why did these people dispose of its body like this? Clearly, something nefarious happened, but we can never know the extent of the cruelty until these folks are found.

Things are so murky right now that this is being reported as “possible” animal abuse. That’s unacceptable! Sign the petition telling the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office to treat this like an animal abuse case and find the people in this video!

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