They threw Daisy the dog off a bridge to die

100% prison!

Someone Trapped Daisy the Pup in a Container and Threw Her Off a Bridge to Die.

A sweet and charming dog recently survived a tragic fall that could have been fatal. But the fall was no accident. A person — whom local authorities have not yet found — decided to throw Daisy, an innocent dog, off a 15-foot bridge in Florida, while she was trapped inside a small blue plastic storage bin. Thankfully, another passerby witnessed the incident and immediately called emergency services. Rescuers arrived at the scene and spent over a half hour trying to reach the poor pup. They had to climb and fight their way through bushes to reach the spot in the embankment where the dog had landed. If things had gone just a little differently, the small pet could have died.

At four years old, Daisy has now luckily found a new lease on life. A new family has adopted her and she is enjoying plenty of love in her forever home. But we must ensure no other animals endure the cruelty that Daisy experienced. Right now, the perpetrator of this crime is still walking freely, possibly abusing more pets or even people. It’s imperative that local authorities prevent them from harming anyone or any animal ever again. Florida officials must find whoever almost killed Daisy. Then, they must charge this perpetrator with animal abuse and ban them from ever owning pets in the future. Sign the petition if you agree!

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