They’re forcing loyal dogs to turn violent against children!

Every three weeks, on average, police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana force their trusting, loyal animal companions to turn themselves into weapons — to the point of violently biting teenage children, some as young as 13 years old. In one 2-year period, officers coerced their dogs into biting more than 146 people, including children, nearly all of whom were unarmed, Black, and posing no danger of violence at all. Some of the children had simply been suspected of driving a dirt bike or other motor vehicle without authorization! Yet their punishment was maiming. It is so obviously wrong to use and abuse a dog in this way. Police should never be warping dogs’ training and brainwashing them into attacking humans.

No dog should ever be trained to hurt children. These are supposed to be our best friends! Such training hurts both our animal friends, and humans. To get dogs to this point, their handlers must subject them to enormous stress, fear, and aggression. Many of the children bitten in Baton Rouge have endured infections, long-term muscle damage, and life-long visible scarring. Once these dogs have been turned into such terrifying weapons, it’s unlikely they will ever be deemed safe enough to retire and join a loving family. After service, euthanasia is their probable future. Such cruelty to animals and children must not continue. Tell lawmakers in Louisiana to ban the use of attack dogs in police units, and commit to a more humane future now!

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