This beauty brand is guilty of horrific animal torture

MAC Cosmetics is Torturing Animals Even Though This Type of Testing Is No Longer Required 

Burning chemicals dripped into rabbits’ eyes. Unsafe agents rubbed onto the bare, raw skin of shaved guinea pigs. Poisonous products shoved down the throats of terrified mice. These are the realities of cosmetics animal testing which, until recently, was strictly required for products sold on the Chinese market.

But since 2014, restrictions on cosmetics sales have been easing there. Now, if companies sell “general” cosmetics (skincare, hair care, nail care, makeup, and fragrances), they have the option to opt out of animal testing!

Many companies quickly took the chance to adopt more compassionate practices, freeing defenseless animals from lives of captivity and torture. But MAC Cosmetics has yet to change its testing policies and procedures. Apparently a change in the law isn’t enough to convince MAC to show some mercy for innocent animals, but our collective voice might just be loud enough to make them listen.

Add your name and voice to the petition telling MAC Cosmetics: it is time to go cruelty-free! End animal testing now!

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