This cat and her babies were discarded in the most awful way

A poor cat who had recently given birth to a litter was discovered locked in a crate with her babies — all of whom had been discarded in a dumpster. Tragically, the kittens and their mother were all dead by the time they were found — with the exception of one kitten which had to go through the unimaginable trauma of watching all of its littermates and mother die around it in the tiny cage. It was rushed to a rescue shelter where vets tried to save its life, but eventually the poor thing also died.

Although authorities and local shelter employees alike acknowledged that shelters in the area are overwhelmed with animals, abandoning pets to a slow and painful death is never the answer. There are so many options, beginning with spaying and neutering your pets, reaching out to many shelters, and utilizing your in-person and social networks to find someone who could possibly care for animals in need. But instead, whoever did this doomed these cats to an agonizing and terrifying death.

Luckily, the cat carrier was labeled with a name, which gives authorities a clue as to who might have dumped these cats. Please sign the petition asking that the Pennsylvania State Police find whoever did this, and make sure they never have access to animals again!

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