This city is making dog owners pay for something out of their control.

A Fine for Barking Dogs in This Illinois City Will Financially Cripple Families and Lead to More Surrendered and Euthanized Dogs!

In Aurora, Illinois, the city council just passed an ordinance fining people whose dogs bark for 15 minutes straight during the day or just 10 minutes straight at night. Of course, no one enjoys the sound of dogs barking for long periods of time. But this ordinance won’t do anything to actually stop dogs from barking — it will simply punish dog owners. This could inevitably lead to more dogs being surrendered to shelters, especially rescues who may have tricky behaviors that take longer to train, like separation anxiety.

Sign now to demand the Aurora City Council revise the animal control ordinance in the city and remove this barking limit and fine penalty!

The ordinance could also open up many dogs to abusive, violent punishment if they bark and their owners are under the pressure of a hefty fine. In worst case scenarios, this ordinance could actually result in dogs being horrifically debarked — a dangerous and cruel practice that subjects dogs to extreme pain — or even killed or put down. We need policies that encourage families to adopt pets in shelters rather than dissuade them. Sign the petition to tell Aurora City Council that this is a terrible move and will hurt dogs and families!

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