This cop allowed a dog fight and then killed a family’s pet

This Detroit family did everything right for their dog. They had a 6 foot tall wrought iron fence enclosing their yard and a prominently displayed “Beware of Dog” sign letting folks know this is not a dog to engage with. Then when a cop walked by with a K9 unit dog, she ignored all of this and allowed the dog under her care to walk up to the fence. Unsurprisingly, the fenced-in dog grabbed onto the K9’s muzzle. Instead of employing the myriad tactics used by people who know dogs to break up fights, the cop simply shot and killed the other dog. And it’s all caught on tape. Clearly this woman has no business being a police officer if she can’t handle her own K9 and gun without shooting an animal on its own property.

The poor owner of the dog saw the whole thing and was actually already on their way over to intervene when the cop pulled the trigger, shooting the family’s dog in the head. People who are responsible dog owners, especially those in charge of highly trained police dogs, should know that there are other ways to break up a fight: loud sounds to distract, water sprayed on their faces, getting help from the owner, or the “break stick” method, which would have been easy considering cops carry night sticks. She did none of this and instead immediately murdered a dog. What’s worse is that neither she nor her commanding officer have shown any remorse. Sign on if you think this officer should be fired!

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