This desperate giraffe died on its way to find water

A severe drought in Kenya is attacking humans and animals alike, parching upwards of half of the country, leaving death in its wake. Just recently, rangers at the Sabuli Wildlife Conservancy in northeast Kenya discovered six of their protected giraffes laying dead, starved and dehydrated to death. The desperate animals had apparently been struggling to reach a water reservoir when their malnourished legs got caught in mud.  Too weak to escape, all six creatures died right there, stuck, yearning for water that they would never reach. Even worse, these six parched giraffes are a warning sign: more giraffes are about to die if something doesn’t change.

The extreme drought has depleted not only the region’s water, but also most plants and crops, and it’s clearly linked to climate change. Droughts in African countries are occurring more frequently and lasting longer than they have historically — with no rain yet in sight for Sabuli in Kenya. Experts say approximately 4,000 additional giraffes as well as more than 2 million Kenyans are also at risk of slow, painful deaths from drought-induced starvation. Kenyan authorities are working hard around the clock to provide for both their people and their wildlife — but we as an international community can do more to help. Sign the petition to urge the United Nations to commit to providing humanitarian relief and wildlife assistance during the drought ravaging Kenya!


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