This dog starved to death after 30 days of no food

At the very end of the worst year, 2020, a horrible case of animal abuse and neglect was discovered in Michigan. Three dogs were recovered from a home, but only two of them were alive. Sign the petition to demand necessary resources are put towards finding the culprit of this horrendous abuse and bringing him to justice!

Authorities received a tip about animal neglect on December 30th, 2020, and shortly after, they entered the home. First, they found a dog in a room full of feces who had starved the death. The veterinarian who examined the dog — which was only a couple years old when it died — said the animal hadn’t eaten in at least 30 days. There was no food in its stomach and no feces in its colon, meaning it must have suffered a long time and died a painful death, something no living being should ever experience.

Next, they found another dog named Maddie, maybe from the same litter as the first given age and breed were similar. Maddie was 20 lbs underweight and malnourished. Luckily, the third dog was in a bit better condition. But in the home, there was no water available to the dogs and the food was out of reach to them. Given the animals were found in a home, this shouldn’t be a hard case to crack. Please sign and share the petition to get justice for these sweet animals!

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